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Our Commitment to Health & Safety at Work

BIP Organics is committed to optimising Health and Safety performance. We have complied and adhere to a thorough Health and Safety Policy, which is reviewed and re-evaluated at least annually.

Our Health & Safety Policy has been designed in line with our occupational health and safety risks. It enables all personnel to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and all associated Regulations, Agreed Codes of Practice, Guidance Notes and the stipulations of OHSAS 18001.

Non-compliance with the Health and Safety Work Act (or any of its associated Regulations) by any member of staff (including Management) may lead to a criminal conviction in the form of a fine or even imprisonment.

As BIP Organics Director, I consider the promotion of Health and Safety within the organisation to be a collective objective for all personnel.

BIP Organics Management ensures best practice in preventing hazards, accidents, injuries and ill health to its team. The assessment of risk and ensuing Health and Safety planning is our priority, as are ensuring appropriate training, supervision and information are delivered.

It is our responsibility to ensure that all BIP Organics members of staff understand the key aspects of our Heath and Safety Policy. We consider it everyone’s responsibility to work sensibly to prevent self-injury, injury to others or damage to property.

BIP Organics will do its utmost to ensure that:

  • Safe working practices and procedures have been identified
  • Working conditions are safe and healthy
  • All members of staff at all levels are provided with the correct training, instruction and/or supervision
  • Health and Safety is a mutual concern – staff are involved in operating our Policy and our commitment to best practice extends to any party that may be affected by our operations, including clients, suppliers or sub-contractors
  • Health and Safety procedures are regularly monitored and appraised
  • All plant and equipment utilised is tested and certified as fit for purpose and safe to use
  • All appropriate protective equipment is provided
  • To mitigate the potential for injury or incident, risks are assessed for individual pieces of equipment or types of activity
  • Any identified risk is recorded, communicated and monitored
  • All materials and substances and their storage and transport methods are risk assessed
  • Appropriate controls, staff training and monitoring are delivered for these substances and their storage or transport
  • Rigorous standards of welfare, hygiene and housekeeping are maintained
  • Appropriate measures are in place for fire prevention plus evacuation and emergency procedures
  • All systems are monitored and documented in accordance with Health and Safety legislation

BJP Organics works to a policy of continual improvement. It is imperative that all members of staff take an active role in implementing our Health and Safety Policy and appreciate that they have a duty to conduct themselves in ways that do not interfere with or misuse anything provided that is Health and Safety or welfare orientated.

Mike Bennett
Managing Director
BIP Organics Limited

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